Living Well With Dementia 

At Primacare™, we have a special connection with dementia.  The Melchior family who started Primacare lost their father/grandfather to Alzheimer’s Disease in 2010. So we know all too well the journey of caring for a loved one with dementia. That’s why we are committed to creating a comfortable, caring and nurturing environment for these very special residents.

primacare senior resident playing cards
primacare assisted living resident drinking tea

Dementia Care

Each of our locations includes a specialized memory and dementia care neighborhood that’s designed to be more like a warm and loving home than a care facility. Step inside and you’ll see colourful walls and a home filled with the “stuff of life."  Staff are called “family” and share the day with residents in meaningful and fulfilling activities. You’ll also see shared spaces that look like any household would including:

  • Eating areas that feel more like family dining rooms;

  • Lounges that feel more like rec rooms or living rooms;

  • Smaller sitting areas that look more like the comfortable nooks you find in many homes.

primacare long term care resident looking into mirror

Individual bedrooms are as unique as our residents.


We encourage families to bring furniture, photos and other personal items from home to make these rooms more familiar and more comforting for their family members.


Each room also has a unique door that looks more like what you would find in a family home rather than the typical doors you see in institutional settings. Families choose the door that best matches the personality and life of their loved ones.

primacare butterfly model of care colorful resident doors

Have A Look

At Primacare, we are constantly striving to deliver the highest level of emotional care for our residents. We don’t believe in routines but prefer to be flexible in order to better serve the needs of each individual. Our philosophy is to treat each person with the dignity and compassion they deserve. We accomplish this by focusing on the unique history and strengths of each person living with us to ensure the richness of life continues.

Come See For Yourself

Butterfly Model of Care

In 2018, Primacare Living Solutions began a major cultural shift to transform care. That’s when we began implementing the world-renowned Butterfly Model of Care™ in our homes.  

primacare staff playing piano with senior resident

The Butterfly approach is about injecting humanity and compassion into care. It creates an environment where care is person centred and where feelings matter most. A Butterfly Home is a cozy place filled with colour and love, a home where people are engaged and nurtured by staff whose hearts and skills are focused on the well-being of the people living there. 

What Is It?

butterfly model of care logo butterfly icon
The Albert Project

Named for Albert Melchior - patriarch of the Melchior family (founders of Primacare) - who lived the dementia journey, the Albert Project™ is a groundbreaking research project lead by Primacare Living Solutions that is studying the impact of virtual reality (VR) as a therapy to better care for long-term care residents with moderate to severe dementia. Funded by the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI)/Baycrest’s Industry Innovation Partnership Program, the project is studying how virtual reality simulation can help reduce depression/anxiety and enhance the quality of life for residents while reducing the need for psychotropic and/or anti-depressant medications and

1-to-1 staffing. 

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Within minutes of visiting a Butterfly Home, people see what good dementia care looks, sounds and feels like. They also clearly see that people living with dementia can thrive in this kind of nurturing environment. 

primacare butterfly model resident lounge

Adopting the Butterfly Model of Care was a truly transformative process that changed the entire culture of

our company.


Implementing this kind of transformation takes vision. It also requires a coherent model of care, inspiring  leadership, rigorous training, great people as well as diligence, focus and good old fashioned hard work. It challenges the status quo and takes bold action to create a true “home” where each resident is part of the family.  

Butterfly Model of Care Origin
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The Butterfly Model was developed in the UK more than 20 years ago by Dr. David Sheard to improve the lives of those living with dementia and now can be found in over 500 care homes around the world.

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In late 2019, Henley House in St. Catharines became the first privately held long-term care home in Ontario (and only the second Home overall) to receive the distinguished Butterfly Model of Care accreditation for dementia care following a year-long culture transformation. Henley House is truly a home where “loving” is the core essence of care. It’s a person centred place filled with compassionate people who work from their heart.  As a result, it’s a home where residents are connected with and reached in their individual journey of experiencing dementia.

All of our other homes are currently engaged in the same rigorous accreditation process.  We expect Henley Place in London to be fully accredited as a Butterfly Home in May, 2020 and Burton Manor in Brampton by 2021.