Quality Improvement Program  

Primacare™ is committed to the constant and evolving improvement and excellence of its people-focused, quality care service offering. To that end, Primacare has established the Aiming High Together™ Quality Improvement Program which embodies its mission, vision and values.

Quality Improvement Program Goals

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1. To instill and promote a sense of employee pride and ownership in primacare’s overall Quality Improvement Process.

2. To inspire and encourage our staff to be the best they can be, both as team-members and as individuals.

3. To celebrate and reward the quality-based achievements and performance of our staff.


Primacare launched its Aiming High Together Quality Improvement Program in 2012, and holds an annual Awards Ceremony to celebrate those who demonstrate excellence in each of the five categories, as nominated by staff, residents and family members.


Grounded on our five Pillars of Excellence (Leadership, Community Outreach, Workplace Culture, Staff Accountability, Care & Service), the Aiming High Together Quality Improvement Program reflects Primacare’s quest for excellence in all areas of its business. Moreover, it exemplifies the commitment primacare has to its clients and its employees, by holding itself to account as an equally dedicated and vested partner in the quest to aim high together.


Supporting the Pillars in terms of measurable/achievable performance levels are the Aiming High Together Standards of Excellence, which include: initiative, creativity, collaboration, innovation and impact.

These five standards serve to provide the Primacare family of staff, administration, physicians, service providers, professionals, students, volunteers, as well as senior management, with a tangible set of goals, guidelines and expectation levels regarding their performance as we strive for excellence together.

primacare staff member and resident walking in hallway

The 2019 Aiming High Together Quality Awards are proudly presented to:

Community Outreach Award

Bridget Wood

Business Manager, Henley Place

People Focused Service Award

Springbank Home Area

Butterfly Home Action Team, Henley Place


Leadership Award

Ashley Lostritto

Director of Care, Henley House


Workplace Culture Award

Scott Jones

Housekeeping Aide, Henley House

Making A Difference Award

Jyothi Martis

Director of Care, Burton Manor

Quality Care Award

Rupinder Bhullar

PSW, Burton Manor