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Living Well With Dementia 

At Primacare™, we have a special connection with dementia.  The Melchior family who started Primacare lost their father/grandfather to Alzheimer’s Disease in 2010. So we know all too well the journey of caring for a loved one with dementia. That’s why we are committed to creating a comfortable, caring and nurturing environment for these very special residents.

primacare senior resident playing cards
primacare assisted living resident drinking tea

Dementia Care

Each of our locations includes a specialized memory and dementia care neighborhood that’s designed to be more like a warm and loving home than a care facility. Step inside and you’ll see colourful walls and a home filled with the “stuff of life."  Staff are called “family” and share the day with residents in meaningful and fulfilling activities. You’ll also see shared spaces that look like any household would including:

  • Eating areas that feel more like family dining rooms;

  • Lounges that feel more like rec rooms or living rooms;

  • Smaller sitting areas that look more like the comfortable nooks you find in many homes.

primacare long term care resident looking into mirror

Individual bedrooms are as unique as our residents.


We encourage families to bring furniture, photos and other personal items from home to make these rooms more familiar and more comforting for their family members.


Each room also has a unique door that looks more like what you would find in a family home rather than the typical doors you see in institutional settings. Families choose the door that best matches the personality and life of their loved ones.

primacare butterfly model of care colorful resident doors

Have A Look

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