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Code of Ethics

Primacare’s core values are integral to the standards we as an organization have set for ourselves. They are both the guide and the aim of our daily conduct as we serve to promote dignity, independence, respect, transparency, equal opportunity and people-focused quality care.

In striving for excellence in all aspects of our organization, the Primacare Code of Ethics is no exception. Founded on our five pillars of excellence, and in support of our mission statement, the Primacare Code of Ethics holds each primacare family member (management, staff, volunteers, students and community partners) to account in their daily interactions within our Homes.

Leadership | to be the best that we can be.

At Primacare™, we are committed to demonstrating leadership at every level of our organization. Leadership and initiative direct our values and motivate our conduct. Leadership drives our hiring of outstanding, highly qualified professionals who thrive on being the best that they can be – thereby ensuring our residents receive the best possible people-focused quality care and services.

Community Outreach | we’re here for you!

At Primacare, we value our relationships with community partners. Community outreach builds a sense of connectedness and gives rise to opportunities for mutual understanding, awareness and collaboration. In all of our community-based initiatives, we engage with our partners honestly and with integrity - in innovative, responsible, respectful and meaningful ways.

Workplace Culture | working together. thriving together!

The Primacare workplace culture is grounded on the principles of safety, security, inclusiveness, fairness, respect and acceptance. Everyone in the Primacare family is committed to engage with one another, with residents and their families, and all who walk through our doors with dignity, respect, and a genuine acceptance of the rich tapestry of differences that make us who we are.  

Staff Accountability | we are the difference.

The experience our residents, their families, the communities in which we live, and the entire extended Primacare family has, is based on their interactions with our employees. Empowered by this awareness, our passionate and dedicated staff are motivated and committed to conduct themselves professionally, responsibly, respectfully and with integrity, according to the highest standards of excellence.

Care & Service | people focused. quality care.

Primacare’s level of commitment to personal, professional, attentive, dignified, respectful and compassionate quality care & service is of the highest standard – exactly the same level of commitment that we would expect from those providing care for our loved ones. To that end, we make every effort to ensure that current best practices in quality care and services are the demonstrated hallmark of our commitment to our residents and their families. Primacare also steadfastly observes, and is firmly committed to, the Residents’ Bill of Rights.

Any conduct demonstrated by Primacare management, staff, volunteers, students or community partners that is not up to these ethical standards will be investigated by internal review.

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